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The first ride went really well.
The route was from Lebanon to Springboro to Franklin to Poastown to Germantown to Farmersville to Camden to Houston Woods and finally into Oxford.
It was definitely a challenge!!! There were alot of good little hills. The weather was absolutely beautiful, alittle cold in the morning but ok once pedaling. Most of the roads were very familiar and that helps when riding b/c then you are not to concerned about missing a turn.
The extra 25-mile loop was a real challenge, it was hillyer (is that a word) than the rest of the course. The first day there were about 30+ riders to take the extra 25-mile loop...the second day I was the first one on the list and after I checked back in I think there were only 5 other riders...bunch of slackers!
The second day I kicked butt, I got in with a few "trains"(bunch of riders in line) and was cracking some good speeds around 20-23mph. Started at 7:30 and completed around 3:30, not really taking any breaks other than to use the bathroom and get water.
I feel pretty good, didn't hurt anything.
The second ride is this weekend July 19-20, from London OH to Kings Island...only 75miles per day though.
I would like to thank everyone who donated. So far I have $2236.
You can still donate and I also need donations for my second ride(its a different MS chapter and ride so there is a $200min donation).
If you still would like to donate please click on the link below.
Here are some pictures:
Before: (it was a mass start...spent first 1/2hour passing everyone)
Halfway at Oxford: (standing up, trying to give my butt a break)
Finish Line: (struggling on that last hill...body is last ummppphhh)
Finish Line: (cool little arch)
Finish Line: ( more pedaling...where is the hot tub???)
Done!!!: (after 200miles, gotta take a snooze...still feels like I am pedaling)
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