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I coach Soccer, Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball...I draw the line at cheerleading. Mainly girls (for my little girl). It is all one big experiment.





Coaching Tips (mainly for kids, but could be used for adults)

  • Plan your practices - take 10minutes to write down things you want to accomplish
  • Change tasks - if a kid ask "When are we done?" or "Can we take a water break?", it is time to change the dddrill game(don't use the word drill, stick to games).
  • No dddDrills - use games that involve all players. Try not to make them stand in a line, I know this is hard sometimes but work hard to figure out how to get the skill your trying to teach into a game format. If the game requires a child to sit out, change the game so that no child sits.
  • Take notes during game (or right after game) - this will help you with your practices. Do not only write down the bad things, write down the really good things. When practice time arrives, tell them the good things, then tell them the things we need to improve on.
  • get some books - there are alot of books out there, so read them in your spare time.
  • stop screaming - the kids are learning the game
  • encouragement - no explaination necessary.

Corn Hole - (borderline sport?)


Disc Golf



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