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I am into cycling. I got into it about 4 years ago. I do a couple big rides every year and enjoy the challenge and relaxation of it.



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Upcoming Events (local and eventful)



Event Approx Dates Info Link Route PerDay miles Total Miles
TOSRV May 7-8 Columbus to Portsmouth 100 200
GOBA June 18-25 Findlay to Finlay 50 avg 240-400
MS-150 July 9-10 Wilmington to Dayton 75 150
RAGBRAI July 24-30 Missouri River to Mississippi 50 avg approx 490
XOBA July 23-30 Lake Erie to Ohio River 60 avg approx 400
Hilly Hundred October 14-16 Ellettsville, Indiana (loop) 50 approx 100


Other Links

Rides I have done

  • TOSRV (Tour of the Sciota River Valley) - - This is a ride from Columbus to Portsmouth Ohio. 2 day event, 100 miles per day, stay in Portsmouth. Mostly flat with a few hills (follows the river). Very well supported ride.
  • MS-150 (Multiple Sclerosis) - - I participate with the Ohio Valley Chapter and have done 1 of the Ohio Buckeye Chapter. Both are very well supported rides.
  • RAGBRAIŽ (The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across IowaŽ) - - is an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state. RAGBRAI is the longest, largest and oldest touring bicycle ride in the world. Awesome ride. Average about 50miles per day, camping along the way. You do not have to be super-fit to ride this, if you can ride 50miles in 8hours, eat all day long, and pee in a corn field, then you can do this ride. Make sure you dip your rear tire in the Missouri river and front tire in the Mississippi.


Bike Trails

I try to stay off the bike trails b/c there are too many obtacles, plus there is a 20mph speed limit. But they are good for new riders and family outings. - very useful and updated site...links to all the bike sites and maps. - contains info and maps of trails. The maps they have are somewhat accurate (they are dated 2000), but you will find that some of the "planning or programmed" for construction is already done. Direct links to maps are below(the are big PDF's so I don't have the room here).


Cycling Clubs


What I have

Diamondback Expert 1998 (guessing on year) - Bought it used from a young fellow that worked at a local bike shop. He did replace the fork with carbon metallic and wheels that he built himself. I have added a few things myself for comfort like a San Marco seat and aero bars. It's a great bike.


Cannondale 2.8 Series Triathlon/Time Trial 1994 56cm - R1000 frame(polished aluminum with Diamond Black metallic fork) with R700 features. It's a good bike, super light, but I haven't gotten used to riding it...I like my good ole Diamondback better.


Sears special mountain bike - Yep a "department store bike". This is what I started on, until somebody told me I was crazy and needed a real bike...boy was I glad I listened.



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