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This page is here b/c people ask me alot of questions. So I will try to give you ideas and advice. I read and research alot of different things, plus have tried alot of different things. But basically it's like everything else...It's all one big experiment. Something that works for me or someone else, might not work for you and vice versa.


I owe alot of my knowledge to Men's Fitness. This is an excellent magazine. I have tried other magazines and MF has a good mix of the being physically fit...even with the new radical editor they just hired and changed the whole layout of the which if you are him reading this then "take out the curse words" don't need them.



I am not responsible for what you try on your body from information contained on my pages! Do your own research and see your doctor before.


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Why do I do it?

I am not a physical fitness "nut", but I do like running, cycling, freeweights and eating somewhat right.


I got back into working out about 6 or so years ago(was in the Army). I was away from working out for about 9 years. I got back into it because I knew I needed it for awhile and one winter season I got the flu so bad, it took me down for a week. I never thought I was overweight (even though I was), but that wasn't the reason I started back.


When I started back I never weighed myself, but I am guessing I was 245lbs...with 5'11" frame that is way heavy...and now that I look back at pictures I was a little thick...ha. I ran and did nautilus for about 6 months before even stepping on a scale. When I first started running, I could feel that 245 in my knees and around my belt.


I am now around 190. I run about twice a week and do free weights twice a week. I am pretty much maintaining now.

What I do

  • cardio - twice a week
    • running - about 2 miles, up and down pace, try to stick around 8.5minute miles
    • EFX - about 30minutes, on 10-12resistant, usually a program(mostly elevated)
  • weights - twice a week - free weights (no nautilus)
    • chest and tris - 2 exercises each, 3 sets, between 6-10reps, increasing weight with each set
    • back and bis - ""
    • ABS - crunches, hanging crunches, exercise ball

I don't do nautilus because free weights require you to use all the little muscles for balance and such, so you get a more balanced muscle train.

Nautilus is a very good way to either start working out, get back into working out, or tone.

Weight Loss


  • you didn't put that weight on in 30 days so you can't expect it to come off in 30 days
  • there is no "magic" requires work and a change in lifestyle
  • the faster you lose the weight...the faster it comes back...proven studies on that
  • your body is smarter than you think, when you skip a meal, then eat your body knows it might be missing a meal so it stores stuff(fat) for future use

My rules

  • Don't eat after 7 o'clock - most weight gain happens at night when you ate that big ole bowl of ice cream and sit around watching the TV not doing anything to burn it.
  • NEVER get seconds - it takes 15 to 20minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it's full
  • Don't skip breakfast - this is the most important meal of the day, it gives your metabolism a jump start for the day. If your gonna skip a meal, skip lunch...your probably getting McDonalds anyway.
  • Eat a little all day long - eat a nutricious snack in between meals...this keeps your metabolism up
  • Exercise - do something...if it's walking for a half an hour a day that's great!


Vitamins and Supplements

Here is a list of things that can help you to be "fit".

These are basic benefits, there are more benefits than what I have listed...

Research them yourself on Vitaminworld

  • Vitamins
    • Multi-vitamin - something to get all your daily essentials, b/c you know your eating habits aren't perfect
    • Vitamin E - helps for muscle recovering among other things
    • Vitamin C - helps the immune system
    • Zinc - helps the immune system
    • Echinacea - helps the immune system
    • Glucosamine - helps rebuild joint tissue (not replace)
    • Calcium - helps the fat burning process and bones 
    • Fish Oil (Omega-3) - helps displace fat cells and lubricates blood vessels
    • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - helps the "natural" fat burning process (not a diet pill)
  • Supplements
    • protein drinks - any SOY is fine, some have "extra" stuff in them...just research them. here is a good one Nitro-Tech
  • Weight Loss (remember there is no magic have to put a little effort into it)


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