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Microsoft Data and Development


You might need some of these things to get programs working. Sometimes the programs come with them built into the install.

MDAC is used by alot of things.



Microsoft SQL Downloads -

.NET downloads -

.NET fix -;en-us;824643#XSLTH3137121124120121120120

MDAC downloads -

Troubleshooting MSDE2000 -


MDAC - Microsoft Data Access Components - latest is v2.8 (11/06)

  • there are different versions of this, but you should be safe d/l'ing latest...unlike the .NET packages

.NET ("dot net")- wiki says "is an umbrella term that applies to a collection of products and technologies from Microsoft"


TextPad Info and Tips


its like notepad on steriods, lotsa functionallity


  • find 2 words in line: "word1.*word2" (check the box for regular expression)

Remove spaces and tab characters at the beginning of a line:
Find what: ^[ \t]+
Replace With: don't enter anything in the field
Remove spaces and tab characters at the end of a line:
Find what: [ \t]+$
Replace With: don't enter anything in the field
Add “Hello” to the beginning of every line:
Find what: \(^.*\)
Replace With: Hello \1
Add “Hello ” to the beginning and ” World” to the end of every line:
Find what: \(^.*\)
Replace With: Hello \1 World (watch the spaces)
Find empty fields (i.e. “, ,”) with spaces or tabs in, and replace with empty field (”,,”):
Find what: ,[ \t*],
Replace With: ,, (just that, nothing else, just 2 commas)
Remove blank lines in a text file, by searching for two linebreaks next to each other, and replacing with one:
Find what: \n\n
Replace With: \n



Date Stuff

Dates are always a problem... from formatting to storing to converting between systems ... they can be a real pain

  • MS Excel: The 1900 Date System vs. the 1904 Date System -
  • Day 1's - System Listing(OS and Programming) - 
  • Clarion Date Stuff - on Clarion page
  • SQL Date Stuff - on SQL page
  • System Comparison(cut paste into SSMSE and play)


    MSAccess #1 = 12/31/1899 - format(0,"short date") - get opposite of a field defined as date/time to real/double - format(testdate,"Standard")

    MSSql #0 = 01/01/1900 - 1900-01-01 00:00:00.000 - select cast(0 as datetime) - get opposite - cast(getdate() as real)

    Clarion = 12/28/1800 -December 28, 1800 (starts at 4 being Jan 1 1801)
    MS Excel #1 = 01/01/1900



    CAST(CONVERT(datetime,'1900-01-01 00:00:00.000') as float) as SQLDay_0

    ,CAST(CONVERT(datetime,'1900-01-02 00:00:00.000') as float) as SQLDay_1

    ,CAST(CONVERT(datetime,'1899-12-31 00:00:00.000') as float) as [MSAccessDay1_negcomparedtoSQL]

    ,datediff( dd,'18001228','19000102' ) as clarion2example

    ,datediff( dd,'1800-12-28','1900-01-02' ) as clarion2example

    ,datediff(dd,-36163,'1900-01-02' ) as clarion3example

    ,datediff(dd,-36163,'1800-12-28' ) as ClarionDay_0

    ,datediff(dd,-36163,'1800-12-29' ) as ClarionDay_1

  • MS Access seeing the real number
    MS Access KB Article -
    Double number Date portion Actual date Time portion Actual time
    1 1 December 31, 1899 .0 12:00:00 A.M.
    2.5 2 January 1, 1900 .5 12:00:00 P.M.
    27468.96875 27468 March 15, 1975 .96875 11:15:00 P.M.
    36836.125 36836 November 6, 2000 .125 3:00:00 A.M.






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