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I hate fact I think spam is an invasion of my personal space.

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Computer Spam, Virus, and Security Tidbits

  • In April 2002 18% of all email traffic was SPAM. In September 2003 54% of all email traffic was SPAM.
  • Viruses, Worms, and Hackers are not targeting YOU. They are targeting those who are VULNERABLE.
  • In 2001 there were over 21,000 new computer viruses… In 2003 over 114,000 new computer viruses have been created.
  • In July 2001 the Code Red worm infected over 300,000 computers in 26 hours. In 2003 two worms accomplished the same task in 14 minutes.
  • The number of security patches for computer systems has TRIPLED over the last 18 months.
  • The rate of increase of vulnerabilities to hardware and software computer systems has DOUBLED every year for the last 3 years.
  • Over the last 3 years the elapse time from a vulnerability being discovered to its exploitation code release by a hacker has decreased from WEEKS to HOURS.
  • The projected world wide costs for clean up of hacked or infected computers is over 119 Billion Dollars.
  • Over the last 5 Years 1 in 10 people have been subjected to Identity Theft.
  • For the 27 Million Americans who have had their identity stolen in the last 5 years the average cost to institutions per incident is $10,000 or collectively over 270 Billion Dollars.
  • Over ONE THIRD of the 27 Million identity theft incidents in the last five years have happened in the last 12 months.

Tired of "Junk" email?

  1. No mailing list --- Never signup or submit your "work" email address on a mailing list, get a "free" email account on Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite...these email services already have "Junk" mail filters in them and they automatically put "Junk" mail into its own folder.
  2. Electronic cards --- Tell your friends not to send you electronic cards to your work email address or any other "send this to my friend" link.
  3. Jokes/chain letters --- When(because you really shouldn't do it anyway) forwarding jokes and anything, clean all the email addresses off the top of the body of the message(and make sure your friends do the same when they forward). A trick to keep yours off is to use the BCC(blind carbon copy) field.
  4. Remove Me --- DO NOT try to do the "remove" at the bottom of them, this only makes things worse(because now they know you at least read it and make the determination that you need more).
  5. Links within a Junk email --- Never click on links within a "junk" email, because your email address is embedded in the link and as soon as you click on it, it sends something to them that says hey they want more...

Want to learn more go here


I am a SYS Admin looking for help?

Spam Filter - A spam filter is a "treatment" for the problem, not a solution. It is really a pain to set up/maintain and it's not a science. They basically tally all the words up in an email and score the email (which really works well from a "email is a communication tool for business" point of view)...but people use or mis-use their email address to sign up on list and do their personal business. So make sure your filter just marks their emails as spam, then they can either deal with them or set up a rule to move them automatically to another folder.


Black List - A black list is the way to go. There are several listings out there for "known" spammers. If you can set your server up to utilize some kind of black list server, then do it. There are alot of list out there, so make sure you look up its "reasonings for listings" or "how they are maintained"...some work on reporting only, some reporting and verification, and some don't say how they are maintained. The ones that work on reporting and verification actually will check to see if the email server is "unsecure", meaning its "send" part of the server is open for the world to use (called a relay). The emails are rejected back to the sender with an explaination, so if they really want to email you...they will call.


Couple things, if you can get your email server/spam filter to do a few things: (this might help a little)

  • reject blank sender email
  • reject blank sender and subject email
  • make sure your server is not being used to spam(open relay). test it by sending an email to "nelson-sbl-test@" (take the space out), make sure you send it from the server your trying to test.

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