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Here are some things for Web Development

This site was/is developed/maintained in "SiteGenWiz" from It is a free program and combines the best of both worlds, both worlds meaning it has a WYSIWYG(what ya see is what ya get) editor and you can also get in the HTML code and tweak it the way you want. It has a very simple way to create the menu and maintain pages. Then when your done you publish your website to wherever it's hosted. The biggest thing I like about it is its maintainability, it's pretty much like a word processor. Sure it has some quarks and you can't get real fancy, but if your website is for information and a little pizzazz then it's pretty good.

There are links at the top that do different cool things in your browser.


Be careful when designing your page, not all code will work in all types of browsers...not everyone runs the lastest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer(MSIE)....some have previous versions of MSIE, Netscape, Firefox(Mozilla), Opera, Safari (MAC...don't forget those MAC users)...Bill has a pretty good market share, but not all. 

Lastest catch word is DOM (document object model), which is the lastest standardization of HTML. 

I prefer Firefox(FF for short) for a couple reasons:


  1. It ain't Bill's world.
  2. Alot of cool features.
  3. Isn't as prone to virus and malware hits.
  4. Multiple tabs within the browser (course thats coming in MSIE7).
  5. Isn't tied to the operating system like MSIE is.
  6. Beacout plug-ins available like a little weather bar, yahoo mail checker...etc.




Sections(click on link below to goto a section on this page)

Quick Reference


all codes -


Basic Text stuff - all these need to have and ending tag

Tag Tag Description code alternate code produces
<B> Bold <B>This is bold</B> <STRONG>This is bold</STRONG> This is bold
<I> italics <I>This is italics</I> <em>This is italics</em> This is italics
<TT> Typewriter Text <TT>This is typewriter text</tt> This is typewriter text
<FONT size="3"> font size <font size="3">This is size 3 font</font> This is size 3 font
<FONT color="red"> font color <font color="red">This is red font</font> can use 6digit color codes like "00FF00"
<font color="00FF00">This is red font</font>
see color codes below
This is red font
This is 00FF00 font


Sentence formatting

  • Indent - <blockquote>This is indent</blockquote>
    This is indent
  • Indent without top and bottom spacing - <div style="margin-left:5%">
    This is indented at 5%
  • Center - <center>This is center</center>
    This is center
  • Line Break - <br> this will force a linebreak <br> where you put it
    this will force a linebreak
    where you put it
  • Force space(s) - &nbsp  this will fo&nbsp&nbsprce 2 spaces (usually use it at the beginning of a sentence to somewhat indent or to put multiple spaces b/c your browser takes out the extra spaces)
    this will fo  rce 2 spaces
  • Bullet - <li>  this is not part of a list (be careful, it will put empty lines above and below)
  • this is not part of a list
  • this is another one
  • Unformatted Text (inside a sentence) - <code>this is unformatted</code>
    this is unformatted
  • Unformatted Text (block of code) - <pre>this is unformatted</pre>
    this is unformatted, you can type anything in here 
    except for less than, greater than, and ampersand characters. It will also not put in line breaks.
    This is good for dropping computer code into that a browser might mess up the formatted lines.

  • Lists

  • Unordered information (basically bulleted) <ul>

    • item1
    • item2
      • item2a
      • item2b
      • item2c
    • item3
  • Ordered information  (actual numbers) <ol>

    1. item1
    2. item2
      1. item2a
      2. item2b
      3. item2c
    3. item3
  • Definitions (bolded header with description underneath) <dl>
  • <dl> - definition list (needs an ending tag)
  • <dt> - definition term
  • <dd> - definition

    <dd>Testing or experimentation is part of the scientific method, to verify or falsify an 
        already formed expectation with an observation.
    <dd>set of actions and observations, performed to verify or falsify a hypothesis or 
        research a causal relationship between phenomena.

    Testing or experimentation is part of the scientific method, to verify or falsify an already formed expectation with an observation.
    set of actions and observations, performed to verify or falsify a hypothesis or research a causal relationship between phenomena.


  • <table> - define table (needs closing </table>)
  • <th> - define header (this basically bolds the cell)
  • <tr> - define row
  • <td> - define cell
  • Inside the <table> tag your probably gonna use a couple different attributes

  • width = percentage and pixels <table width="90%"> defines 90% of the area (if you leave % off it assumes pixels)
  • font size = set font size <table style="font-size: 12pt"> defines font at 12pt
  • font color = set font color <table style="color: #00FF00"> defines font green
  • border = on or off <table border=0> defines no border (default is border 1 this is pixels) can go less than 1, like .01
  • align = left,center,right <table align=center> defines table to center (be careful of left and right, other stuff will crowd around)
  • cellpadding - sets the spacing between the data inside the cell and its border, cellpadding=3 is pretty good
  • need all borders to show? do <table rules="all"> (if you dont have this an empty cell won't have a border
  • background color - bgcolor="somecolor" can go in almost any tag <table> <tr> <td>
  • good starting point for table - <TABLE style="font-size: 8pt" cellSpacing=.01 width="98%" border=.5>
  • Inside the <TD>(table data cell) tag or <TH>(table header cell) tag your probably gonna use a couple different attributes

  • width = percentage and pixels <td width="25%"> defines a cell/column of 25% of the table (if you leave % off it assumes pixels)
  • column span = to span over multiple columns <td colspan=2> defines a cell to go over immediate column and the next

  • ---startcode---
    <TABLE border=1>
    <CAPTION>A test table with merged cells</CAPTION>
    <TH rowSpan=2>
    <TH colSpan=2>Average
    <TH rowSpan=2>Red<BR>eyes

    A test table with merged cells
    Average Red
    height weight
    Males 1.9 0.003 40%
    Females 1.7 0.002 43%


    Elements (lines, pictures, links)


    • Positional Tag -
      • <a name=spotonpage> place where you want to postion to
      • <A href="#spotonpage"> the link that takes you there or you can use <A href="">
    • Horizontal line - <HR width 40% color="ff8040" align=center> defines a orange horizontal line of 40% of the area and centered

    • Picture/Image - <img src=""> defines an image linked from another place on the web (be careful with placement, it takes the whole line unless you use "align=" sometimes you might use a table to format everything properly) 
    • Picture/Image resized -
      ***notice if you leave out length or width the browser keeps aspect ratio  
      you can also make it bigger than actual size
      Original at 192x144pixels <img src="..\userfiles\deeronpole2.jpg">
      Reduced to 100pixels <img src="..\userfiles\deeronpole2.jpg" width=100">
    • Link Text - <a href="">Click here for Yahoo</a>
      Click here for Yahoo
    • Link to opening a new window add target="blank" - <a href="" target="_blank">Click here for Yahoo</a>
    • Link Image - <a href=""><img src=" border=0"></a>
    • Link another HTML document in iframe -
      <IFRAME align=center src="somehtmlfile.htm" frameBorder=1 width="90%" height="90%"></IFRAME>

      src Specified the URL of the document to be displayed in the frame.
      name Specifies the name of the frame for the purpose of linking and targeting.
      Specifies the width/height of the iframe space in pixels or percentages.
      width="200" height="100"
      align Aligns the iframe to the left, center, or right side of the page.
      noresize Kills the visitors ability to resize the iframe borders manually.
      scrolling Indicates the ability of a scrollbar to appear (or not) with a value of yes, no, or auto.
      frameborder Carries a value of 0 or 1 depending if you want a border to appear around the iframe or not.
      Specifies the width/height of the margin in pixels.
      marginwidth="1" marginheight="1"
      Specifies the verticle/horizontal margin space in pixels.
      vspace="1" hspace="1"

    • Relative URL resolution -

      This is to let you define stuff without coding the whole path like
      <IMG src="../directory/directory1/picture.gif">
      Here is the example:
      <BASE href=> 
      <BASE href=>
    • ftp url with username and password



    Just Starting

    Good starts to doing HTML:


    Easy way to start learning HTML:

    • Built-In (probably already on your system)
      • use Outlook Express - type up your email with formatting and such, then look at the source. To turn the source view on: when creating the email goto "View", "Source Edit" and click the "source" tab at bottom and look at the tags and such in the code.
      • use Word 97 - type up your document, then do a "Save As HTML". Then once it saves, and it shows you a different view you can hit "View", "HTML source" and look at the code. Be careful on some of the Word tagging, some browsers don't support their tagging.
      • BOTH these put alot of unneeded fluff junk code(especially word) in there but they are good ways to learn to code HTML.
    • Applications/HTML Editors 
      • Nvu - - awesome single page WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor, with source view, preview, tag view...very clean code also. This is an open source program, meaning it's free. There is also a Linux version availble...and a Mac too. I have tried probably 20 different editors and this is the best of both worlds plus more, WYSIWYG is good for quick entry but sometimes those editors just mess it up and you know what the code needs to be so change it. It also has a cool tag view screen that shows you visually how many tags deep you are.
      • My opinions of some packages
        • HotDog - not WYSIWYG, not project oriented, not menu oriented
        • SiteXpert - creates site map, search, and allows create of DHTML menu
        • AceHTML - HTML editor, nice package though with tools to build things
        • CoffeeCup - HTML editor, kinda like Ace with tools to build cool thing, kind of a project editor. had a cool DHTML menu.
        • CuteHTML - HTML editor, similar to Ace & coffee, has really cool tag properties window to help with html
        • Cool Page - WYSIWYG editor, but no source view, no tools to build menu or anything
        • 1st Page 2000 - HTML editor, similar to Ace, Coffee, CuteHTML
        • ActualDraw - WYSIWYG editor, no source, just a page producer, no project, no menu, hard to use
        • NVu - WYSIWYG editor with source view, individual page editor...AWESOME


    Need to setup your Road Runner Homepage click here


    Web-Hosting services

    Web-Forwarding Services

      • create account, then create/register your domain name
      • you have to kind "buy" the "domain tools bundle", its free but you have to go through like your buying it
      • to do the forwarding of the name and email addresses:
        • login to
        • on the main account page click on the "My Domains" tab
        • in the list click on WhateverDomainYourCreated.COM (there might only be one in list)
        • toward the bottom there is "Other Services", which now has
          • "URL Forwarding" - which that is where your gonna put where the real site is located 
          • "Email Forwarding" - which is where your gonna make email addresses of whatever@WhateverDomainYourCreated.COM
        • URL Forwarding
          • click "Manage" from the "Domain Details" page
          • in destination put ex:
          • click submit then continue
          • once you have hit continue it returns to the URL Forwarding screen, scroll down a little and look for "Back to Domain Detail" (its in small print and not obvious)
          • this change will take like 24 hours to propagate around to all the name servers(DNS) in the world (actually around 4hrs)
        • Mail Forwarding
          • click "Mangage" from the from the "Domain Details" page
          • "Alias" side: put in whatever email address you want like President or Bond007 or WebDude. ***NOTE- you can delete/change/add more these at anytime, and i wouldnt do the "catch-all" b/c you will get too much crap from web combers
          • "Forward To" side: put in the legitimate(or real) email address you want those emails to be forwarded to
          • after each one, click "Update", then "continue"
          • these changes are almost instanteous if the "URL Forwarding" (above) has been in for 24hrs


    Code and Scripts

    Hide email addresses from webbots


    <script language="JavaScript"><!--
    var zname = "someguy";
    var zdomain = "";
    document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + zname + '@' + zdomain + '\">');
    document.write(zname + '@' + zdomain + '</a>');
    // --></script>


    Mathematical, Greek and Symbolic characters for HTML

    from -

    34 quot " quotation mark = APL quote
    38 amp & ampersand
    60 lt < less-than sign
    62 gt > greater-than sign
    160 nbsp   no-break space = non-breaking space
    161 iexcl inverted exclamation mark
    162 cent cent sign
    163 pound pound sign
    164 curren currency sign
    165 yen yen sign = yuan sign
    166 brvbar broken bar = broken vertical bar
    167 sect section sign
    168 uml diaeresis = spacing diaeresis
    169 copy copyright sign
    170 ordf feminine ordinal indicator
    171 laquo left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemet
    172 not not sign
    173 shy ­ soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen
    174 reg registered sign = registered trade mark sign
    175 macr macron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbar
    176 deg degree sign
    177 plusmn plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign
    178 sup2 superscript two = superscript digit two = squared
    179 sup3 superscript three = superscript digit three = cubed
    180 acute acute accent = spacing acute
    181 micro micro sign
    182 para pilcrow sign = paragraph sign
    183 middot middle dot = Georgian comma = Greek middle dot
    184 cedil cedilla = spacing cedilla
    185 sup1 superscript one = superscript digit one
    186 ordm masculine ordinal indicator
    187 raquo right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemet
    188 frac14 vulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarter
    189 frac12 vulgar fraction one half = fraction one half
    190 frac34 vulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quarters
    191 iquest inverted question mark = turned question mark
    192 Agrave latin capital letter A with grave = latin capital letter A grave
    193 Aacute latin capital letter A with acute
    194 Acirc latin capital letter A with circumflex
    195 Atilde latin capital letter A with tilde
    196 Auml latin capital letter A with diaeresis
    197 Aring latin capital letter A with ring above = latin capital letter A ring
    198 AElig latin capital letter AE = latin capital ligature AE
    199 Ccedil latin capital letter C with cedilla
    200 Egrave latin capital letter E with grave
    201 Eacute latin capital letter E with acute
    202 Ecirc latin capital letter E with circumflex
    203 Euml latin capital letter E with diaeresis
    204 Igrave latin capital letter I with grave
    205 Iacute latin capital letter I with acute
    206 Icirc latin capital letter I with circumflex
    207 Iuml latin capital letter I with diaeresis
    208 ETH latin capital letter ETH
    209 Ntilde latin capital letter N with tilde
    210 Ograve latin capital letter O with grave
    211 Oacute latin capital letter O with acute
    212 Ocirc latin capital letter O with circumflex
    213 Otilde latin capital letter O with tilde
    214 Ouml latin capital letter O with diaeresis
    215 times multiplication sign
    216 Oslash latin capital letter O with stroke = latin capital letter O slash
    217 Ugrave latin capital letter U with grave
    218 Uacute latin capital letter U with acute
    219 Ucirc latin capital letter U with circumflex
    220 Uuml latin capital letter U with diaeresis
    221 Yacute latin capital letter Y with acute
    222 THORN latin capital letter THORN
    223 szlig latin small letter sharp s = ess-zed
    224 agrave latin small letter a with grave = latin small letter a grave
    225 aacute latin small letter a with acute
    226 acirc latin small letter a with circumflex
    227 atilde latin small letter a with tilde
    228 auml latin small letter a with diaeresis
    229 aring latin small letter a with ring above = latin small letter a ring
    230 aelig latin small letter ae = latin small ligature ae
    231 ccedil latin small letter c with cedilla
    232 egrave latin small letter e with grave
    233 eacute latin small letter e with acute
    234 ecirc latin small letter e with circumflex
    235 euml latin small letter e with diaeresis
    236 igrave latin small letter i with grave
    237 iacute latin small letter i with acute
    238 icirc latin small letter i with circumflex
    239 iuml latin small letter i with diaeresis
    240 eth latin small letter eth
    241 ntilde latin small letter n with tilde
    242 ograve latin small letter o with grave
    243 oacute latin small letter o with acute
    244 ocirc latin small letter o with circumflex
    245 otilde latin small letter o with tilde
    246 ouml latin small letter o with diaeresis
    247 divide division sign
    248 oslash latin small letter o with stroke, = latin small letter o slash
    249 ugrave latin small letter u with grave
    250 uacute latin small letter u with acute
    251 ucirc latin small letter u with circumflex
    252 uuml latin small letter u with diaeresis
    253 yacute latin small letter y with acute
    254 thorn latin small letter thorn with
    255 yuml latin small letter y with diaeresis
    338 OElig latin capital ligature OE
    339 oelig latin small ligature oe
    ligature is a misnomer, this is a separate character in some languages
    352 Scaron latin capital letter S with caron
    353 scaron latin small letter s with caron
    376 Yuml latin capital letter Y with diaeresis
    402 fnof latin small f with hook = function = florin
    710 circ modifier letter circumflex accent
    732 tilde small tilde
    913 Alpha Α greek capital letter alpha
    914 Beta Β greek capital letter beta
    915 Gamma Γ greek capital letter gamma
    916 Delta Δ greek capital letter delta
    917 Epsilon Ε greek capital letter epsilon
    918 Zeta Ζ greek capital letter zeta
    919 Eta Η greek capital letter eta
    920 Theta Θ greek capital letter theta
    921 Iota Ι greek capital letter iota
    922 Kappa Κ greek capital letter kappa
    923 Lambda Λ greek capital letter lambda
    924 Mu Μ greek capital letter mu
    925 Nu Ν greek capital letter nu
    926 Xi Ξ greek capital letter xi
    927 Omicron Ο greek capital letter omicron
    928 Pi Π greek capital letter pi
    929 Rho Ρ greek capital letter rho
    there is no Sigmaf, and no U+03A2 character either
    931 Sigma Σ greek capital letter sigma
    932 Tau Τ greek capital letter tau
    933 Upsilon Υ greek capital letter upsilon
    934 Phi Φ greek capital letter phi
    935 Chi Χ greek capital letter chi
    936 Psi Ψ greek capital letter psi
    937 Omega Ω greek capital letter omega
    945 alpha α greek small letter alpha
    946 beta β greek small letter beta
    947 gamma γ greek small letter gamma
    948 delta δ greek small letter delta
    949 epsilon ε greek small letter epsilon
    950 zeta ζ greek small letter zeta
    951 eta η greek small letter eta
    952 theta θ greek small letter theta
    953 iota ι greek small letter iota
    954 kappa κ greek small letter kappa
    955 lambda λ greek small letter lambda
    956 mu μ greek small letter mu
    957 nu ν greek small letter nu
    958 xi ξ greek small letter xi
    959 omicron ο greek small letter omicron
    960 pi π greek small letter pi
    961 rho ρ greek small letter rho
    962 sigmaf ς greek small letter final sigma
    963 sigma σ greek small letter sigma
    964 tau τ greek small letter tau
    965 upsilon υ greek small letter upsilon
    966 phi φ greek small letter phi
    967 chi χ greek small letter chi
    968 psi ψ greek small letter psi
    969 omega ω greek small letter omega
    977 thetasym ϑ greek small letter theta symbol
    978 upsih ϒ greek upsilon with hook symbol
    982 piv ϖ greek pi symbol
    8194 ensp en space
    8195 emsp em space
    8201 thinsp thin space
    8204 zwnj zero width non-joiner
    8205 zwj zero width joiner
    8206 lrm left-to-right mark
    8207 rlm right-to-left mark
    8211 ndash en dash
    8212 mdash em dash
    8216 lsquo left single quotation mark
    8217 rsquo right single quotation mark
    8218 sbquo single low-9 quotation mark
    8220 ldquo left double quotation mark
    8221 rdquo right double quotation mark
    8222 bdquo double low-9 quotation mark
    8224 dagger dagger
    8225 Dagger double dagger
    8226 bull bullet = black small circle
    bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator
    8230 hellip horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader
    8240 permil per mille sign
    8242 prime prime = minutes = feet
    8243 Prime double prime = seconds = inches
    8249 lsaquo single left-pointing angle quotation mark
    lsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
    8250 rsaquo single right-pointing angle quotation mark
    rsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
    8254 oline overline = spacing overscore
    8260 frasl fraction slash
    8364 euro euro sign
    8465 image blackletter capital I = imaginary part
    8472 weierp script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p
    8476 real blackletter capital R = real part symbol
    8482 trade trade mark sign
    8501 alefsym alef symbol = first transfinite cardinal
    alef symbol is NOT the same as hebrew letter alef, U+05D0 although the same glyph could be used to depict both characters
    8592 larr leftwards arrow
    8593 uarr upwards arrow
    8594 rarr rightwards arrow
    8595 darr downwards arrow
    8596 harr left right arrow
    8629 crarr downwards arrow with corner leftwardsc = carriage return
    8656 lArr leftwards double arrow
    Unicode does not say that lArr is the same as the 'is implied by' arrow but also does not have any other character for that function. So ? lArr can be used for 'is implied by'
    8657 uArr upwards double arrow
    8658 rArr rightwards double arrow
    Unicode does not say this is the 'implies' character but does not have another character with this function so ? rArr can be used for 'implies' as ISOtech suggests
    8659 dArr downwards double arrow
    8660 hArr left right double arrow
    8704 forall for all
    8706 part partial differential
    8707 exist there exists
    8709 empty empty set = null set = diameter
    8711 nabla nabla = backward difference
    8712 isin element of
    8713 notin not an element of
    8715 ni contains as member
    8719 prod n-ary product = product sign
    prod is NOT the same character as U+03A0 'greek capital letter pi' though the same glyph might be used for both
    8721 sum n-ary sumation
    sum is NOT the same character as U+03A3 'greek capital letter sigma' though the same glyph might be used for both
    8722 minus minus sign
    8727 lowast asterisk operator
    8730 radic square root = radical sign
    8733 prop proportional to
    8734 infin infinity
    8736 ang angle
    8743 and logical and = wedge
    8744 or logical or = vee
    8745 cap intersection = cap
    8746 cup union = cup
    8747 int integral
    8756 there4 therefore
    8764 sim tilde operator = varies with = similar to
    tilde operator is NOT the same character as the tilde, U+007E, although the same glyph might be used to represent both
    8773 cong approximately equal to
    8776 asymp almost equal to = asymptotic to
    8800 ne not equal to
    8801 equiv identical to
    8804 le less-than or equal to
    8805 ge greater-than or equal to
    8834 sub subset of
    8835 sup superset of
    note that nsup, 'not a superset of, U+2283' is not covered by the Symbol font encoding and is not included. Should it be, for symmetry? It is in ISOamsn
    8836 nsub not a subset of
    8838 sube subset of or equal to
    8839 supe superset of or equal to
    8853 oplus circled plus = direct sum
    8855 otimes circled times = vector product
    8869 perp up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular
    8901 sdot dot operator
    dot operator is NOT the same character as U+00B7 middle dot
    8968 lceil left ceiling = apl upstile
    8969 rceil right ceiling
    8970 lfloor left floor = apl downstile
    8971 rfloor right floor
    9001 lang left-pointing angle bracket = bra
    lang is NOT the same character as U+003C 'less than' or U+2039 'single left-pointing angle quotation mark'
    9002 rang right-pointing angle bracket = ket
    rang is NOT the same character as U+003E 'greater than' or U+203A 'single right-pointing angle quotation mark'
    9674 loz lozenge
    9824 spades black spade suit
    black here seems to mean filled as opposed to hollow
    9827 clubs black club suit = shamrock
    9829 hearts black heart suit = valentine
    9830 diams black diamond suit

    Color Codes


    How to use:

    • Font - <font color=blue>Test</font> or <font color="0000FF">Test</font>
    • Paragraph - <p style="color: coral">test</p> or <p style="color: #FF7F50l">test</p>
    • table font - <table style="color: crimson"> or <table style="color: #DC143C">
    • table row background color -  <tr bgcolor=brown> or <tr bgcolor=#A52A2A>
    • horizontal rule - <hr color="006600">

    here is another table that is organized differently


    Browser safe color codes by Hex code 
    #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099
    #0000cc #0000ff #330000 #330033
    #330066 #330099 #3300cc #3300ff
    #660000 #660033 #660066 #660099
    #6600cc #6600ff #990000 #990033
    #990066 #990099 #9900cc #9900ff
    #cc0000 #cc0033 #cc0066 #cc0099
    #cc00cc #cc00ff #ff0000 #ff0033
    #ff0066 #ff0099 #ff00cc #ff00ff
    #003300 #003333 #003366 #003399
    #0033cc #0033ff #333300 #333333
    #333366 #333399 #3333cc #3333ff
    #663300 #663333 #663399 #6633cc
    #6633ff #993300 #993366 #993399
    #9933cc #9933ff #cc3300 #cc3333
    #cc3366 #cc3399 #cc33cc #cc33ff
    #ff3300 #ff3333 #ff3366 #ff3399
    #ff33cc #ff33ff #006600 #006633
    #006666 #006699 #0066cc #0066ff
    #336600 #336633 #336666 #336699
    #3366cc #3366ff #666600 #666633
    #666666 #666699 #6666cc #6666ff
    #996600 #996633 #996666 #996699
    #9966cc #9966ff #cc6600 #cc6633
    #cc6666 #cc6699 #cc66cc #cc66ff
    #ff6600 #ff6633 #ff6666 #ff6699
    #ff66cc #ff66ff #009900 #009933
    #009966 #009999 #0099cc #0099ff
    #339900 #339933 #339966 #339999
    #3399cc #3399ff #669900 #669933
    #669966 #669999 #6699cc #6699ff
    #999900 #999933 #999966 #999999
    #9999cc #9999ff #cc9900 #cc9933
    #cc9966 #cc9999 #cc99cc #cc99ff
    #ff9900 #ff9933 #ff9966 #ff9999
    #ff99cc #ff99ff #00cc00 #00cc33
    #00cc66 #00cc99 #00cccc #00ccff
    #33cc00 #33cc33 #33cc66 #33cc99
    #33cccc #33ccff #66cc00 #66cc33
    #66cc66 #66cc99 #66cccc #66ccff
    #99cc00 #99cc33 #99cc66 #99cc99
    #99cccc #99ccff #cccc00 #cccc33
    #cccc66 #cccc99 #cccccc #ccccff
    #ffcc00 #ffcc33 #ffcc66 #ffcc99
    #ffcccc #ffccff #00ff00 #00ff33
    #00ff66 #00ff99 #00ffcc #00ffff
    #33ff00 #33ff33 #33ff66 #33ff99
    #33ffcc #33ffff #66ff00 #66ff33
    #66ff66 #66ff99 #66ffcc #66ffff
    #99ff00 #99ff33 #99ff66 #99ff99
    #99ffcc #99ffff #ccff00 #ccff33
    #ccff66 #ccff99 #ccffcc #ccffff
    #ffff00 #ffff33 #ffff66 #ffff99
    #ffffcc #ffffff
    Named Colors with Hex code


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