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Hoax (Netlore, Folklore, Scams, Chain letters)



Did someone send you an email about a "new" virus, scam, chain letter, or something that says "forward this to all your friends"?

Don't spread it.

Don't Forward the email!!!


E-mail chain letters, virus hoaxes, and jokes are a way to collect email addresses, because as soon as you get it you forward it to everyone in your address book and so on and so on. Then several emails finally get back to (and everybody else that wants them) whoever started it and the emails are full of email addresses (in which they will strip all the email addresses out of the email addresses, then sell them). Ever wonder how you get junk e-mail from companies you never heard of.

Also some people don't want them anyway.


If someone sends you one of these types of emails, look them up...they probably aren't legitimate.


If you must actually forward it on(hope you looked it up first), then make sure you delete all the email addresses in the email, and put all the people you are forwarding it to in the BCC (blind carbon copy).


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